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Add colours in your life! Move on and have fun!

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Your Pulse kick off!
live better, russia, initiative, health, nature
My dear Friend!

Here I am with my message to reach for you!

Whatever you mean with that!
See it pulsing anew with vivid colors! Everyday!
We ALL want it and we all have strength to do so! 
Change the world around you step by step! Use your curiosity, creativity, kindness and perseverance. Listen to your sense of humanity, respect the laws of nature and you will find out how to enjoy your life all the time and have it as in your dream! Be free of angst to dream!
You are the owner to your life! And this is true!
I and my friends want prove that in the time of financial crisis it is all possible to create a better environment, strengthen your health and move forward! It is what the Your Pulse project about! I set myself and my team to look at the everyday life from another angle. We come to you with open heart and show how from a dream we can come to a real achievement within Your Pulse!
We want to share our ideas, learn from each other, act naturally and find ways to fulfilling our dreams! We are normal people around you and want to show you how to get satisfaction from how we live and what we do.
We will keep you informed how we grow and make sure that Your Pulse beats with excitement!


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